Hello, dear one.

I’m so glad you’ve made your way here.

because, as I will tell you again and again,

I believe deeply that you are wise. You have something to offer and

an inner knowing that is waiting for you.

It can come through your body and your breath, and through your innate connection to the natural world.

Together we will listen to the voices of the trees, the ancestors, and the earth itself. Together we can discover the nectar of creativity, the dynamic stillness of contemplation, and the light of yoga.

I’m excited to learn from you, and with you, from that well of wisdom we share.


Spring Simplicity

Let Spring be a time to distill the creative and personal shifts you wish to make in the coming months as we grow in light. Distillation is alchemy, a process of discernment and clarification.

To inspire and awaken to all that Spring offers, I’m offering a FREE downloadable booklet with simple nature-based practices to guide you to clarity in creating movement towards your dreams.

Practices will include those from Yoga and European traditions, as well as Western Plant Medicine and my own intuitive explorations.


Celebrate Beauty

Arriving more firmly in our bodies and our relationship to the earth we are reminded that we have the ability to experience the sacred on all levels of our being: body, mind, and heart. Join me along with teachers Natalie Rousseau and Niki Brown for a weekend delighting the senses and celebrating the gift of embodiment through yoga, Ayurveda, creativity, and connection. Step into the magic of Spring through ritual and practice aligned with the energies of the season as we explore themes of sensuality, simplicity, and delight through the beauty of the waking and warming earth.


Here is Healing

An interactive and profound experiential journey into land-based medicine. During this workshop we will gather for a few hours in a place that is close to my heart: perhaps it is close to yours! It is a space that I spend time in frequently, and I want to share its medicine and magic with you. We will be in a space in the land where we can sit together in stillness and open all the land is asking us to hear. We can bring peace and healing to ourselves just by 'being' with a place

Receive guidance from the land itself through a variety of methods you can use beyond your participation in the workshop