Work with me One-on-one

I have had the  pleasure of working one-on-one with my yoga students in the past, and for 2019 I will continue to focus on offering Private Class Packages that will truly begin or rekindle the light of yoga in your life. I would like to engage with people who are ready for commitment in some area of life that may relate to yoga. I am offering private and semi-private (up to 3 students) packages with reduced rates for those who purchase three or more classes. 

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Who am I looking for?

I am seeking sincere students. You may be new to yoga entirely! You may be someone with a dedicated yoga practice who is ready to move through plateaus in a way that honors your path at this time, yet holds you accountable for your efforts. You may be in need of a personal home practice in order to fit yoga around a busy work or travel schedule, or you are perhaps a parent seeking support and solace while raising children. You may be someone who is engaged deeply in work in another area of life, perhaps a sport or fitness pursuit, or even a career that makes demands on you mentally, physically, or spiritually, that may be supported through the practice of yoga. You may be somewhere in the process of healing in some way, or living with any manner of illness or difficulty, and you are ready for support through yoga.

In short, there are many, many paths to yoga, and I welcome and honor all that has brought you here.

Your dedication and interest lights me up, and I'm excited to connect with you to keep the internal flame of commitment to your practice glowing.

What is a private yoga class like?

If you've never had a private yoga class, this may be an area in which you feel unsure! Private yoga sessions are as diverse as those who participate in them, but a number of generalities are usually present. In a class package, we will spend some time assessing your current practice and discussing your intentions and goals before I prepare classes for you. You will usually receive instruction in a variety of formats, from modelling (as in a led yoga class) and verbal instruction, as well as nuanced discussion of your practice as it relates to the unique body and mind you have. I provide safe and compassionate hands-on assistance to those who require and consent to it during asana practice—hands-on adjustments can be powerful ways to access key movements within any asana that feels elusive or confusing, and can help you move into greater depth in the poses we explore together. Work outside our private sessions may include writing exercises if you enjoy journalling, home practice, and guidance in lifestyle changes that align with your intentions and goals for your yoga practice. 


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My commitment to you

When I work with you in a private session, I am committed to providing you with a safe practice that aligns with your intentions and goals for yoga. I will make every effort to accommodate any needs or concerns you may have about our shared practice space, and I will ensure that you feel as safe and secure as possible when we are working directly together. It is important to me that your practice feels appropriate for you, and I welcome your feedback and dialogue in our time together. 

When you are ready to discuss how we can support yoga practice in your life, contact me using the secure form below, or email

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